SCC Energy Plant
SCC Energy Plant showing chillers

Central Energy Plants

  1. Spartanburg Community College: new 750 ton central chilled water plant plus 700 tons future capacity, conversion of existing constant flow hydronic systems to variable flow. (2002) Plant upgraded to 1,350 tons capacity. (2008)
  2. Wofford Campus: new 400 ton central chiller plant and a new 300 horsepower boiler plant for 5 north campus buildings. (2007)
  3. Wofford Campus: new central energy plant (530 tons cooling and 275 boiler horsepower) to serve three of the south campus main buildings. (1999)
  4. USC Upstate, Hodge Center: a 30,000 sq. ft. renovation to an athletic and classroom facility, and a 450-ton refrigeration machine addition on the campus central energy plant. (1998)
  5. Spartanburg Community College, converted to a 400 ton constant flow central chilled water system to variable flow. Spartanburg, South Carolina. (1994)

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