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  1. Dr. T.K. Gregg Recreation Center: A 43,000 sq. ft. recreational building for the City of Spartanburg, including (2) indoor pools, fitness center, and gymnasium. (2020)
  2. YMCA, Sptbg, S.C.: A new 74,000 sq. ft. YMCA headquarters building for Spartanburg County Facility includes (2) natatoriums, administrative, child care, gymnasium, and a 13,000 sq. ft. Spartanburg Regional Hospital System physical therapy center (2012).
  3. Newberry County Library: New 22,000 sq. ft. main public library. (2008)
  4. Boiling Springs Library: 17,000 sq. ft. addition plus renovations to county branch library. (2008)
  5. Mary Black Foundation Building: Renovation of a 23,000 sq. ft. 1960’s era office building into an energy efficient LEED project, (gold certification awarded March 2007), Spartanburg, S.C. (2006)
  6. York County Animal Shelter: a fully air conditioned 21,000 sq. ft. new administration offices and animal holding facility, York S.C. (2004)
  7. South Carolina School for the Deaf & Blind: three new residential style dormitories for handicapped, 20,000 sq. ft., Spartanburg, S.C. (2002)
  8. Piedmont Club of Spartanburg: 7,500 sq. ft. addition, and a total HVAC replacement for 25,000 sq. ft. of building area. (2001)
  9. McCarthy-Teszler School: new 92,000 sq. ft. consolidated school for handicapped for all Spartanburg School Districts, Spartanburg, S.C. (2001)
  10. Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium: a renovation and expansion of Spartanburg’s municipal 3400 seat auditorium and 22,000 sq. ft. arena. The project included total replacement of the building’s HVAC system. (1998).
  11. Spartanburg County Animal Shelter, a fully air conditioned 24,000 sq. ft. new administration offices and animal holding facility, Spartanburg, S.C. (1997)
  12. Spartanburg County Library: A new 110,000 sq. ft. main library and headquarters. The building utilized an ice storage system for demand control of energy cost. (1996)
  13. Spartanburg Children’s Shelter Housing: new apartment style housing for 16 residents. (2006)
  14. South Carolina School for Deaf & Blind: new dormitory apartments for 36 residents. (2003)
  15. Branch Library for Spartanburg County Library System, 13,000 sq. ft. Lyman, S.C. (1995)
  16. Spartanburg Country Club, total HVAC renovation and expansion, Spartanburg, South Carolina. (1991)
  17. Cedar Springs School for Deaf & Blind, new vocational building, Spartanburg, South Carolina. (1984)
  18. Spartanburg County Health Department, office and clinic addition, Spartanburg, South Carolina. (1981)

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